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Baby Gear

Bib-danas. What Are They for Exactly? Looks?

Bib-danas are awesome y’all. Lemme just start there so there’s no confusion.

Based on how cute they were, I was prepared to believe that they were awesome from the start. But, wait…why? I remember not fully understanding how they were different than regular bibs, other than looks, nor why Pinterest and the internet in general kind of insisted that I would need them as a new mom.

They seemed too pretty to get food stains on, and I already knew I wanted to use wipeable polyester bibs for mealtimes so that I could just wipe them off or rinse them in the sink. Were bib-danas just fashion pieces that were really in for tots these days??

No, they serve a purpose that in my new-mom ignorance I hadn’t thought of yet. Here it is. Ready? It isn’t food.


Drool, drool—OMG you won’t believe the drool that will happen when cutie bum hits three months-ish. Or sooner!

And that’s why these are also called “dribble bibs.”

Babies begin to drool before they get teeth. It has something to do with their salivary glands raring up and beginning to work. Apparently, it’s a good thing. And let’s be honest, it can look cute, at least objectively. Babies also drool a lot while they are teething, which may not begin until a few months later. All-in-all, your cutie bum will drool a good bit for the first two years of their life! It is hard to put into words how soaked such a tiny human’s drips of drool can make their clothes. And the cutest onsie or baby top, if soaked with a collar of drool, is not so cute.

I go through a bunch—read: more than five—of these bib-danas a day with my six-month-old. Her shirt could literally be wrung out like a washrag if she wasn’t wearing one. Like, enough to fill the cat’s water dish. (Gross, I would never do that of course—my Curry kitty is spoiled rotten with only the freshest of fresh water—but honestly, it’s seems like it’s that much drool.)

So, point being, bib-danas are made to:

  1. absorb drool, keeping your babe’s outfit dry, and
  2. look totally adorable while they’re at it.

Convinced yet?

This floral set for girls:

or this black and white set for boys:

will make your mouth water too, and as you can see, they don’t break the bank, at under $20/set of ten. I would suggest owning a stockpile of about 15-20. This might sound like a lot, but you seriously go through them and this is therefore just a few days worth. This is one of those baby products that, for me, is a must.

Want to DIY some bib-danas instead of buying? Check out this DIY tutorial from MySewBliss or this DIY article by Project Nursery.

If you do DIY, just make sure to choose an absorbent fabric that will allow the bib-dana to serve its main purpose—suckin’ up all that DROOL. Cotton, bamboo, or flannel are the most popular choices.

Bib-danas come with either snap closures or Velcro.

I passionately prefer snaps. (Oh, SNAP!) Here’s why: I want to wash these bibs right along with my other baby laundry, and Velcro consistently sticks to and snags other items. Also, it snags the lovely, stretchy nylon headbands that I have on her almost every day and causes picks. UGH. Team snaps!

But if Velcro works for you then go for it, mama! Either way, make sure you have some bib-danas on hand for your cutie booty.

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