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Cloth Diapers

Three Popular Cloth Diapers Brands’ All-in-One Styles Compared

Comparing Smart Bottom 3.1, GroVia All in One, and bumGenius Freetime All in One Cloth Diapers

Have you decided to start cloth diapering? If you aren’t sure yet, check out my other posts on cloth diapering such as Disposable versus Cloth Diapers, Everything You Need to start Cloth Diapering, and Cloth Diapers and Poo.

Smart Bottom Smart One 3.1 Cloth Diaper

Right off the bat, let me say that Smart Bottom designs are AMAZINGLY cute! I love every single one that I have and when I look at them online all I wanna do is buy more and more because of how beautiful they are. In fact, if you visit their website, many of their styles are sold out—which can be frustrating/disappointing. You can sign up to see when styles become available again, and to see new styles as soon as they hit. They are quite fashionable! There are quite a few available on Amazon as well. Look at this medical themed diaper! There is also a macaroon theme, hummingbird theme, dinosaurs… all SO cute!

These diapers have a fairly wide piece of leg elastic compared to some of the others, which is not a bad thing. They say it helps prevent red marks. (I haven’t noticed any issue with red marks using any of these brands though.) The inside fabric is 100% cotton and the snaps all seem to be very durable.

The inside flap on this diaper is one long piece that can be folded so you have the most absorbency wherever you need it for your little one. For a boy, you could fold it so that is thicker and has more layers towards the front. On my girl I simply fold it in half so that there are two even layers running down the whole diaper, and that seems to work just fine. They say that the flap is five layers of cotton, so when you double it, it boasts 10 layers of absorbency.

There are there are 4 levels of rise snaps on the front so you can adjust the height as the baby grows. Like many other brands, it also has 10 snaps across the front to adjust the width.

Smart Bottom All in One Diapers at smallest (left) and largest (right) settings.

Pictured above are two Smart Bottom diapers, one snapped as small as it will get, and one as large as it will get. You can see that it truly is a one-size-fits-most. Their website states that this particular diaper will fit most babies that are 10 to 35 pounds. To fit smaller sizes, you would need their BORN SMART 2.0 NEWBORN CLOTH DIAPER.

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GroVia All in One Organic Cloth Diapers

GroVia All in One diapers also come in really cute patterns. This diaper boasts a very trim profile. GroVia focused on this diaper not creating any extra “junk in the trunk.” They say that the “sleek GroVia One-Size All in One Cloth Diaper is the only cloth diaper on the market that your baby can wear under skinnies!

As a result, there is only one layer of insert that is actually attached, rather than a long one that you can fold into two layers like the Smart Bottom diaper. However, they come with a snap-in booster piece as shown below that you snap onto the bottom of the sewn-in pad to double the absorbency, functioning the same way as when you fold the Smart Bottom pad in half. Both pads are 4 layers of cotton, so this diaper has 8 layers of absorbency total.

GroVia All in One Cloth Diaper shown with snap-in booster piece.

I think I prefer this set-up to the one long piece of the Smart Bottom diapers. For pee diapers, it makes no difference to me whatsoever. But when it comes to rinsing off any solids into my toilet with my sprayer, I find it more convenient to be able to snap the under-half off and spray each part separately at a shorter length than to spray one very long dangling piece, which I have to kind of hold up and keep from falling down into the toilet. Something to consider!

This diaper snaps along the side panels instead of on the front. I really like that feature because the leftover portion of the “wings” (the length of the snapline that is leftover after you snap it) doesn’t hang down inside the diaper as much as the other brands. The panels are very stretchy, so it makes it easy to get a really good fit around your baby.

There are 10 snaps across the diaper (5 on each of the side panels) and there are 3 snaps up and down to adjust the height of the diaper. These have 100% organic cotton interiors as well. They are marketed for babies weighing 10-35+ pounds.  

bumGenius Freetime™ All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper

This cloth diaper brand uses yet another type of flap set-up. Instead of one long piece that you fold, or two layers that you snap together, this one uses two sewn-in flaps that overlap and open outwardly. They are noticeably wider panels than the other two brands. Though I haven’t had any problems with the other two brands leaking, the width of the pads in these diapers just feels right to me. Somehow it seems safer!

The bands at the sides are very stretchy so it’s easy to get a good fit. They have 10 snaps across the front and 3 snaps down the front to adjust the height. They say they fit babies 8-35+ pounds. They also offer several other styles specifically for newborns under 12 pounds.

They offer lots of solid colored diapers, but the prints that they have are nice too, like this mushroom print diaper set that is to die for! In particular, their “Genius” series is awesome. The prints in that series are inspired by different well-known “geniuses,” including authors, adventurers, movie stars, and composers. (There is a Jane Austen print that I LOVE!) Like Smart Bottom diapers, they are apt to be limited edition and sell out of prints though, which might make some mamas feel pressured or anxious–or maybe just excited!

I hope comparing these popular brands is helpful to any mamas who are exploring the idea of cloth diapers. There are of course other very popular brands like Charlie Banana, Mama Koala, AlvaBaby, and more! These are just the three brands of cloth diapers that I happen to own!

If you have any thoughts about your favorite brand of cloth diaper, feel free to leave a comment below, mama!

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