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Cloth Diapers

Easy DIY Fleece Diaper Liners

Hi there, mamas! Did you know that a simple, easy layer of fleece laid inside a cloth diaper can help your baby’s bottom stay feeling nice and dry?

And the best part is, there’s no special tricks for this one. When I say easy, I mean crazy, can’t-get-any-easier-but-this-counts-as-a-craft-because-I-used-scissors easy.

Start with a piece of fleece in the color (or pattern!) of your choosing. I went with solid mint blue.

I bought this pre-cut 1.5 yard piece of single layer fleece from Walmart.

Fleece and a pair of scissors are all you need to make awesome liners for cloth diapers!

Bonus: if you buy this particular pre-cut fabric, the paper cover around it is the perfect size to use for a cutting template! Or, here is an option from Amazon, in a few colors. See? Very affordable!

Just flatten it and the resulting rectangle is perfect. It’s like they made this fleece just to do this with. Or, if you go with a different fleece and it has a paper wrapping, you could still make a cutting template out of it.

Sigh…I just love when things are easy.

I cut my template paper in half to a single layer, laid it at the corner edge of my piece of fleece, and started cutting. I didn’t trace or measure, just cut.

I used pinking shears at first but switched to regular fabric scissors. Since fleece doesn’t unravel, you don’t need shears, and honestly any scissors you have on hand will do. No need to hem these or do any sewing at all! You can complete them start-to-finish while you watch TV (…and I know this for a fact).

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One piece of 1.5 yard fleece will make more liners than you could need for one baby! You can make two batches & gift another mama with a set if you wanted to. I stopped at 32 liners and had about half the fabric left using the paper template shown, which is 10.5″ x 3.5″.

Step 2. Just kidding, there is no step 2! That’s literally all. Keep a pile of these fleece liners handy, and lay them inside your baby’s cloth diaper before putting them on. The nice thing about fleece is that it allows liquid to pass through, leaving baby’s skin feeling dry.

Oh and, ah, as for poo–these liners rinse really well with a diaper sprayer (poo tends not to stick to them very much), so I think they’re double useful because of that! Just getting started cloth diapering and haven’t thought much about poo yet? See my post Cloth Diapers and Poo.

In case you’re wondering, there is no reason you couldn’t use these liners with a disposable diaper as well, if you feel your baby could use the extra dryness–maybe overnight. However, as a general rule, unless the diaper is very wet, disposables do a bit better job of keeping your baby feeling dry than most cloth.

For cloth diapering, these are really helpful! For the rest of the items you would need to cloth diaper, see my post Everything You Need to Start Cloth Diapering. Get yourself a big old square of fleece for around $6 and make yourself a bunch of these nifty liners, mama!

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