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Baby DIY

DIY Beaded Nursery Wall Hanging

This beaded wall hanging is so cute for a nursery, and very easy to make yourself! Here is what you would need to make this hanging:

Make your wall hanging as large and wide as you choose. If you have the space and time, an oversized one would be amazing!

Begin with a stick, choosing one that is fairly straight. Or, you could use a craft dowel. I liked the natural look of a twig though.

If you choose a natural stick, odds are you will need to cut it to the right size. To do this, you can use a machete or other large knife that can chop it with one blow. Or, if you don’t have something like that, (we didn’t) you can use a pocketknife to make a notch on the top and bottom of the stick where you want to cut it, then snap it at that point. It should break fairly evenly in the place it is notched. If you’d like you can clean it up to make the edge even smoother with your pocketknife, which is what my husband did on this one.

As you can see, I used two different sizes of beads, and you’ll notice I used a smaller bead on bottom for each string. I did this because the hole in the smaller beads is smaller, and therefore I didn’t have to make as big of a knot to hold it as I would have the larger beads. A triple knot, with each knot carefully knotted over the previous, was large and wide enough to hold my small beads in place.

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String your beads in whatever pattern you choose. I chose multi-colored wooden beads and chose to string mine with no particular color pattern to get a kind of casual look. But you could also string them in order by hue and make a rainbow, or some sort of ombre pattern. Natural toned beads like this would also be cute, depending on your décor!

Tie each piece of string so that your beads hang evenly and then cut off the excess. Alternately, you can affix each piece to your stick by using hot glue—just dallop a bit of glue on the stick and then wrap your string around it at least one full turn. Then cut off the excess, making sure any edges or fray hangs toward the back and not the front of your hanging.

After I tied on all my strings of beads, I wrapped the center segment of my stick with more of the string for looks, and tied on a piece in the center to hang it from.

That’s it! Comment below to let me know if you make one of these beaded wall hangings!

Disclaimer: Don’t hang this anywhere where your baby (or older children who might reach for it) could tug on it, and be sure to use large knots at the bottom so that the beads couldn’t fall off. Beads could be a choking hazard if your baby got ahold of them.

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