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Activities for Baby

9-12 Month Baby Activities

This is such a fun age to watch your baby’s fine motor skills really begin to shine. Here are some 9-12 month baby activities to try with your little one.

Play “Find the Toy”

Do you have a wire basket, clear bin, or anything else that you can hide a couple of baby’s favorite toys in and let them find them? Try it!

I spent a lot of time hiding a little toy mouse behind my back, peeking out from under the couch cushion, or peeking out of my sleeve and my daughter peels with delight.

Create a Ziploc Painting Together

Place dollops of colorful paint on some paper (preferably thicker paper like watercolor paper or cardstock, but any will do). Then carefully slide the whole sheet into a plastic storage bag and seal it well. You will likely have to trim the paper first so that it will fit into the bag.

BONUS IDEA: Have baby paint the part you trimmed off later, and use it as a bookmark <3
You could even laminate it if you’re able.

Guide your little one to press on the dollops of paint through the bag. Then watch as they learn they can spread the paint underneath around with their hands. See what kind of masterpiece they can squish into existence! I recommend taking it out before it’s completely dry so that it won’t stick to the bag. Here is our creation displayed proudly on the fridge, where all great artwork lives.

9-12 month baby activities

Play in a “Fort”

(This is probably my favorite of our 12 month baby activities!)

Try building a simple fort from blankets or pillows in your living room and see if your baby enjoys playing underneath. Of course, you have to stay nearby for this so they don’t get tangled up in any blankets, but it’s really fun.

My daughter has loved being in a “tent,” as I would call it, since she was a newborn and I’d lay a swaddling cloth over her baby gym. She would coo with delight back then and she still loves playing in a fort or tent now. Although, these days I have a real play tent for her, which is so cute!

Okay…Curry the cat likes it too.

Foster Their Love of “In and Out”

They also love to “put things in” and “pull things out” at this age. My daughter finally began to really use her shape sorter toy in earnest. So I supplemented this and gave her a lot more pieces to push into it than the original four. It really gives her the opportunity to concentrate as she puts them in one by one. Plus it gives me a few minutes to get to the other things I need to do as well. I put a pile of her finger puppets (from my post 4-6 Month Baby Activities) and large poms poms in front of her and let her stuff those into the shape sorter too.

She also loves to stand beside her Learning Tower and push pom poms through the holes in the stand.

You don’t need any fancy toys to foster your little one’s love of in and out, you can tons of things that you have on hand. However, if you are looking for toys, I found that mine especially loves the My Happy Barnyard set from Carter’s.

She loves to pull out all the animals (including the mouse, who she added to the barnyard crew) and stuff them back in again. Bonus, she is practicing knowing her animals as I say their names with her.

She also loves her Melissa and Doug Fill and Spill Purse which comes with play “coins,” a set of keys, and a play plush cell phone, and a play powder compact.

These are just a few ideas; the great thing is there are so many things to do at this age! Do you have other great ideas for a 9-12 month baby activities? Leave a comment below!

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