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Activities for Baby

6-8 Month Baby Activities

This is such a wonderful age to watch your baby soak up so much knowledge about their world. Here are some 6-8 month baby activities to try with your little one.


6-8 month baby activities

Younger babies may enjoy bubbles too, but by this age a lot of babies are really interested in a burst of shiny bubbles! It doesn’t hurt that they are super cheap and go a long way. If you can blow them up higher and give them more time to fall, all the better. Be sure to repeat the word “bubbles” often so they can learn it. By this age they will probably reach out and try to grab them (which is very cute!).

6-8 month baby activities


Your 6-8 month old will probably not be ready to stack blocks yet. In fact that is not an “expected” skill until they are more like 14 months old, though some can do it earlier. However, it doesn’t hurt to practice, and while they can’t stack them up, they often love to knock them down! Make sure they aren’t too heavy or pointy of course where they might sting if they fall on baby’s foot or leg. Otherwise, slowly rebuild a tower 4-6 blocks and let them swat away again and again–they love it!

Busy Books

6-8 month baby activities

Busy books are baby books with various do-dads attached that baby can touch or do something with, i.e., flaps to open, pieces to slide back and forth, etc. These can (and should) certainly be used earlier. But your 6-8 month old may be especially interested in books like this by now, and enjoy pulling the curly tail of a pig, petting a wooly sheep, and more.

Don’t forget about busy books because you’ve been there, done that! All that practice for baby’s little fingers is very helpful in developing their fine motor skills. And as they get older they enjoy them more and more. Check out this cute busy book by Melissa & Doug!

Digging for Treasure—in Jello!

(This was my favorite of our 6-8 month baby activities!)

It starts like this.
Then the fun begins!

This is so fun. Just mix up some gelatin (preferably a lighter color) in a shallow dish and hide “treasures” inside it for your baby to dig out. SO CUTE. The cool mushy feeling of the gelatin is new to them, and they love to muck around in it and pick out the toys you have “hidden.” Any plastic toys or items (that are safe and too large to swallow and won’t be harmed by the initial liquid state of gelatin) are fine.

You could use plastic blocks, small rattles, rings, little rubber bathtub squeaky animals, or any comparable items you think of. Put baby somewhere safe where gelatin possibly definitely getting slopped around won’t do any harm (kitchen floor?) and let them dig away! Once they realize it’s fun to dig in AND taste…wow. So exciting. And of course they won’t be able to eat too much Jello because its hard to pick up Jello in your fingers, especially if your fingers are tiny.

I used my high chair but immediately wished I hadn’t because JELLO GOT EVERYWHERE, Y’ALL. I recommend starting out in just a diaper on the kitchen floor instead of in a high chair… dressed in a white onesie :)-

By this time there is a BIG, FUN, TASTY MESS!

And note, Jello does stain clothes a bit, though it will come out. I had to peel her onesie off right afterwards and rinse it out in the sink. I would recommend yellow Jello (rhyme!) since it’s lighter. Her hands were stained orange after too, but it came off right away in warm soapy water.

Ready to see more baby activities? Check out my post on 9-12 Month Baby Activities.

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