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Activities for Baby

2-3 Month Old Activities

You already know about tummy time, and you already read or plan to read your baby books galore and give them plenty of cuddling. What else can you do with them? Here are some ideas.


Put on some music, hold your baby against you, and dance around the room, mama! Babies love it. It is a great sensory experience for them, as they experience not only music, which is new still new to them, but also rhythm (assuming of course that you have some as you dance!) This is also an ultimate bonding experience; not much different than when any two people dance together.


Little babies often love when you whisper in their ear. The sound and the sensation are newSmile big and then lean in and tell them a secret, even if the secret is only “I need to tell you a secret in your ear” or “Psst. Do you need your diaper changed?” It will probably bring out that sweet newly-developed smile. Bonus: babies continue to love whispering for a long time!

Mirror Fun

I heard that babies love mirrors, and I had held my daughter up to our mounted mirror a few times, and found it to be true. She grinned and it was so cute. However, I recently took the time to set up a mirror on the floor and let her sit for a longer period of time and look at herself. She really enjoyed it. She kept smiling at herself and then looking away as if she was shy. It is worth the effort to put a mirror (securely!) at floor level to let your baby really take a good look at him or herself!

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Indoor or Outdoor Baby Pool

Of course, if you have a baby pool and it’s nice out, your baby would probably love to splash around in it with your help! However, late this summer it was too hot for me to sit beside my daughter in her outdoor pool—she was fine, but I was too hot! Instead, to add a little spice to her day inside, I made her a “pool” in the bathtub with cool water. No soap, obviously, because this wasn’t bath time. Just toys! And I encouraged her to splash and have fun. I used a different bathtub than her normal bath time tub so that it would feel totally different (though that’s not necessary).


Gently clapping your hands will get your baby’s attention. It’s a new sound! Then try clapping your hands with their hands inside yours. Then gently help baby to clap their own hands. They will probably not be able to keep their hands flat, but beginning to teach them this skill is fun and super cute. Clap your hands down low and up high, harder and softer. You can even clap baby’s feet together, which typically brings out a smile.

“Zoooom! Got your Foot!”

You can substitute your own verbiage here, but the point of this (totally weird sounding) game is to begin to teach your little one the names of their body parts like feet, hands, tummy, and head. My daughter loved this game! It is simple. I would take one hand, hold it up high in the air while I sat nearby her, and them bring it down quickly while saying “Zoom!” and then gently grab a part of her body like her foot and add “Got your foot!” “Zoom! Got your ear!” “Zoom! Got your tummy!” She got so excited that she laughed and laughed each time my hand went back up in the air. She watched to see where I would “get her” next and giggled all over again when I did. Simple, but a really fun game for a tiny one, especially when they have just learned to giggle.

Do you have any fun suggestions for a 2-3 month old? Leave a comment below!

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